Our Purpose

The People and Culture Association (PCA) is a global organisation dedicated to supporting the emerging people and culture profession and all HR professionals who share our commitment to purpose driven, values based, and person centred workplaces.  The PCA promotes innovation, research and collaboration in the areas of: culture change; systems thinking; behavioural science; transformational HR & transformational leadership; conflict management; alternative dispute resolution (ADR); restorative justice; organisational development; theory of change; positive psychology; appreciative inquiry; emotional intelligence; principled negotiation; and non-violent communication (NVC).

Our values and principles define us

We have four guiding values to all that we do at The People and Culture Association. These values and principles define us, and they define how we carry out our business on a day-to-day basis, and interact with our members, partners and colleagues.


The People and Culture Association works with all of our members and partners to promote collaboration. We host regular events which provide the opportunity for like minded individuals to connect, network and share ideas. We are always interested in hearing from individuals who would like to contribute to the Institute, through writing, research and speaking opportunities. We also invite people to lead workshops and to speak at seminars and events.

As a global People and Culture Hub, it is our aim to create a shared passion for a truly Transformational Culture – a culture which is fair, just, inclusive and high performing.


The People and Culture Association works with members and partners to promote innovation, which we believe is essential to the growth of people professionals, the people and culture function and organistations as a whole. The PCA also acts as a platform to share the very latest research, industry news and creative ideas.

As a global organisation, we are committed to sharing and promoting best practice and thought leadership in the areas of systems thinking; Transformational HR & Transformational leadership; conflict management; alternative dispute resolution (ADR); restorative justice; organisational development; positive psychology; emotional intelligence; principled negotiation; non-violent communication and behavioural science


For any organisation seeking to make changes, improve and evolve, it is crucial to understand the benefits and measurable impacts of such development. Ongoing learning underpins all that we do within the PCA, and we are continually investing in new projects and evidence gathering processes to inform the decisions we make. The PCA serves as a hub for external research providers to share their findings, and we will also carry out first-hand evidence gathering ourselves into the most important and trending topics.

If you are interested in sharing your research via the PCA, or you would like to talk with us about a research placement, please contact Jonathan Rodrigues at [email protected]


Organisations which are values-based and person-centered are demonstrating the very best of a Transformational Culture. The most effective teams succeed when they have a clear sense of purpose, with behaviours aligned to organisational values. The People and Culture Association strives to support the people within your organisation, in all that we do. Our aim is to help organisational leaders to create a happier, healthier and more harmonious workplace. After all, it is these 3 H’s which underpin the 4th H – high performance.